About The Pair Tree

About The Pair Tree

Pair Tree is a specialised dating website and service that gives you a place to meet interesting and fun people. Our software is designed to help you find someone you like and then help you to get to know them in a fun environment.

As a member of Pair Tree you can hang out, meet and greet with other members, chat, email, chirp and make social posts. Pair Tree is designed to make your search for like minded people easy. We take your people finding ability to the next level in an enjoyable, and friendly way.

Pair Tree gives you the ability to contact other members using our sophisticated software based on your wants, profile and actions. We help you to find the right person faster and to meet people closer to you. As a member you can search our members using our search services, instant messaging, emails and chat. Once you've found someone that interests you, use the Pair Tree to chat, message them and keep in regular contact. That way you can get to know them.

Pair Tree provides all of our members with a fun website and services. We take pride in our member's privacy and their right to enjoy life without hassles. Pair Tree has a strict and robust privacy policy in place for all of our member's. Check out our privacy policy here!. Importantly, on Pair Tree you have control over your personal information and you decided how much or how little appears through our service.

As a part of our fun dating service you can create favourite lists for the people you like, add people to your Pair Tree to get to know them better, send messages to other members, receive messages from other members, chat in the chat rooms, create your own private chat room, see how far people are away from you and find people that have the same interests as you.